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JCS Jail Consulting offer consulting services to corrections agencies and probation departments. Prior to the formation of JCS Jail Consulting served as a managing partner with Crout & Sida Criminal Justice Consultants, Inc. as well as a member of the management team at the California Board of State and Community Corrections (formerly the Board of Corrections). While at the Board of Corrections, Mr. Sida managed a variety of projects in California that supported the largest network of local law enforcement and correctional agencies in the nation. During that period of time, Mr. Sida along with other associates, were responsible for managing over $2.3 billion in planning, development, training and construction grants to California counties.

The broad range of experience in both the public and private sector has exposed JCS Jail Consulting to virtually every county and city jail, juvenile hall, ranch and camp in California and many throughout the United States. Mr. Sida has many years of experience in the development of regulations for the construction, operation, staff selection and training for correctional facilities. Additionally, Mr. Sida, while with Crout & Sida Criminal Justice Consultants, Inc. authored a comprehensive jail policy manual used by agencies and risk managers throughout the United States.

The skills obtained during our many years of experience in law enforcement and corrections have enabled JCS Jail Consulting (formerly doing business as Crout & Sida Criminal Justice Consultants, Inc.) to effectively provide private sector consulting services to the following clients:

Los Angeles County, California
Jail Security and Staffing Audits
Title 24, CCR. Compliant Jail Needs Assessment*
AB-900 Jail Construction Application
Jail Staffing Assessment

Orange County, California
Comprehensive Jail Assessment Project
Jail Staffing Analysis

San Francisco City/County, California
Jail Classification Analysis
Jail Capacity Study

Santa Clara County, California
Court Appointed Monitor
Jail Programs Needs Assessment 2008 and 2010

Contra Costa County, California
Title 24, CCR. Compliant Jail Needs Assessment
2007, 2011, 2013

Stanislaus County, California
Detention Facilities Programming
Staffing Needs Assessment
Pre-Architectural Facility Master Plan

San Luis Obispo County, California
Title 24, CCR. Compliant
Juvenile Facilities Master Plan

Ventura County, California
Adult Probation Master Plan
Appointed Monitor by the Federal Court for Jail Settlement Agreement

Riverside County, California
Title 24, CCR. Compliant
Juvenile Facilities Needs Assessment

Merced County, California
Juvenile Detention Facility Staffing Study

Marin County, California
Organizational Development Planning

Juvenile Hall Assessment Project

Clark County, Washington
Jail Staffing Analysis
Garland County, Arkansas
Jail Assessment and Staffing Study

Lexipol, LLC. - Risk Management
Development of a Universal Jail Policy Manual


Expert Witness - Litigation Services

County of Fresno - Defense
County of Kings - Defense
City of Cottage Grove - Plaintiff
Shasta County - Defense
San Diego County - Defense
Humboldt County - Defense
San Mateo County - Defense
Alameda County - Defense
Sacramento County- Defense
San Joaquin County- Defense
Ventura County- Defense
Ventura County - Court Appointed Expert
Shasta County- Defense
Santa Barbara County- Defense
Monterey County- Defense
Santa Clara County- Defense
Santa Clara County - Court Appointed Expert
Shreveport, Louisiana - Plaintiff

* Some of the clients listed here involved Mr. Sida's 10-year partnership with
Crout & Sida Criminal Justice Consultants, Inc.


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